N3 Sewers: Project Update 7.21.17

July 21, 2017

Latest Info from Sarasota County

The Contractor [Spectrum Underground] has been awaiting permit approval to use the right of way at the intersection of Webber Street and Lockwood Ridge Road as a small materials and equipment staging area. Once the permit is received, the contractor intends to start mobilization to the site.

They are currently forecasting a full start the first week of August. This will include directional drilling at the Seclusion Drive locations. This work will not impact traffic flow, however, when the manhole and gravity pipe installation begins, there will be flagmen directing traffic around the work and slight delays can be experienced.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Contact Information

Kate O’Hara, Utilities Connections Coordinator, has provided the following:

  • construction questions – John Saputo (941) 650-0022
  • utility connections: (941)861-6767  – option 1
  • financing connection fees: (941) 861-6767 – option 3

Pluris Water Personal Web Portal

July 6, 2017

The Feb 8th post reported on a conversation with Pluris management personnel.  One of the items discussed during that meeting was the new personal web portal.  Pluris Southgate customers recently received this letter:

Your Personal Portal

The portal uses the AquaHawk platform, which is used by many utilities to help customers manage their water usage.  It is easy to set up and easy to use.  Several months of AMI meter reading detail is necessary to provide enough information on water usage  for all the available options to be used; the stored history of our individual meters  is now available.  Additional help on how to set up your web portal is available at AquaHawk Online Help. Customers can also call the Pluris customer care center at (888) 758-7471 or contact Regional Manager Joe Kuhns at jkuhns@plurisusa.com.


N3 Sewers: Project Update 6.23.17

June 24, 2017

Next Steps

Signs of survey markings are showing up throughout the neighborhood as the contractor gets submittals approved and permits pulled.  The first evidence of construction we see will be the directional boring for underground crossings at Bermuda Brook and the two Seclusion Drives.  This is shown on the N3 Phasing Plan June 2017 as Phase 1.  The rest of the project is planned to proceed in numerical sequence.


Got questions?

John Saputo, Construction Project Manager for Sarasota County is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.  He can be reached at (941) 650-0022 or email jsaputo@scgov.net




N3 Sewers: Project Update 6.16.17

June 17, 2017

Information from John Saputo, Const. Proj. Mgr.


Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program Area N3

The Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program (PCSSRP) was developed in 2000 to protect public health and to improve water quality in Phillippi Creek by replacing individual septic systems and small private package waste water plants in many Sarasota County neighborhoods with central sewer service. Over 15,000 septic tanks will be replaced over the life of the project.

Approximately 200 residents will be connecting to central sewer in Area N3.  Area N3 is being designed as a hybrid gravity sewer system with two standard lift stations and two smaller lift stations within the project area. Homeowners will connect to the central sewer system using a conventional gravity lateral rather than maintaining individual low pressure units on each property as originally planned.

Award of the construction contract was April 25, 2017 to Spectrum Underground. The construction Notice to Proceed was given on May 23, 2017. Construction is slated to begin in late June. Completion of the project is scheduled for March of 2018.

Expect to see evidence of Survey Crews in the area over the next two weeks establishing Right of Way lines and property boundaries. The first signs of construction will be the directional drilling of forcemains for the North and South Seclusion Roads; that work should also be scheduled within the next couple of weeks.

(ed. note: Mr. Saputo has indicated that we can expect these update/advisories throughout the construction process.  Door hangers and roadway signage will also be provided as necessary.)

Saturday’s Cleanup at Red Bug Preserve

May 30, 2017

On Saturday May 27th John Ryan organized a clean up of  the park at Red Bug Slough.  Here’s his summary:


Beautiful Day at Red Bug Slough Preserve!


The Friends of Red Bug Slough Preserve gathered again last Saturday morning.  It was a perfect spring day – not too warm yet.  It was good to see the water levels back up after the prolonged drought we had just a few weeks ago.


Jack and Ronda


We shared some blueberry muffins before we took off and made our neighborhood nature preserve just a little bit better.  Scott made a special effort to root out air potatoes.  Ronda searched for fishing line in the lake.  And Chris dug up some concrete rubble that was dumped here decades ago.  Michele found a garden hose – makes you wonder doesn’t it?

old garden hose                                                                                                                                                         fishing tackle







It was a fun and easy day with friends.  Thanks to everyone who joined in… see you there next time.





Phillippi Creek Event Tomorrow May 20th at SGCA

May 19, 2017

May 2017 Project Update

May 12, 2017


(You can access this page from the County website here:  Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program Area N3)

More N3 Neighbors choose xeriscape

April 15, 2017

The Feb 21st post discussed the many benefits of eliminating or reducing irrigation for turf grass and other “thirsty” yard plantings (scroll down and read the article – there are lots of good information links).  Our water bills will become even more sensitive to irrigation use once our sewer is installed… the sewer component of our bill will be approximately 150% of our water usage.  So, unless you have a separate irrigation meter or a well, water that is used on your lawn will be calculated as though it is treated at the sewer plant!

Here’s what some residents have done…

Take a ride along Tanglewood Dr and see what you think.  Some neighbors have completely replaced all sod grass, while others have replace portions of the lawn.  Another neighbor suggests using GroundCovers instead of grass.  Anything we can do will help the environment… and our wallets!

(These are just homes I’ve found on Tanglewood Dr.  If you know of others in the neighborhood send me photos and I’ll post them here)

What’s the latest on our sewer?

At the March 29 Budget Meeting the County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve $3 million to construct the sewers in our N3 neighborhood.  Staff tells us that the plans are final and all permits are in place.  The next step will be to approve and award the construction contract. The next BCC meeting is April 25th, but the agenda has not been posted. Hopefully our project will be presented at that meeting.

March 29, 2017 Budget Workshop

March 29, 2017

Message from our Neighborhood Committee Chairman

At today’s Budget Workshop the Sarasota County Commission unanimously approved a staff recommendation to advance the Septic System Replacement plan in Area N3. This vote was necessary because the county’s capital improvement plan is being reshuffled in order to cope with a shortall in surtax revenue, and some projects are being delayed. Today, our project survived.

I am pleased to report that Commissioner Alan Maio reached out to contact me soon after the commission voted and asked me let everyone know he had received our emails. He said he was glad that we did not overwhelm him with email, and more importantly, that none of us were insulting or rude or threatened to kick him out of office if he did not support our project. So to those of you who took the time to contact Commissioner Maio or any of the other commissioners, thank you for representing our neighborhood well.

I would also like to mention that Commissioner Hines responded promptly to the initial email I sent on behalf of the committee Monday evening, and it was he who introduced the motion today that kept our program in the capital improvement plan.

We owe thanks to all of the commissioners, and specifically to Mr. Hines and Mr. Maio, for voting to keep our sewer project going.

Thanks to those neighbors who took the time to email the commissioners, and thanks for being respectful.

Only one step remains: The county commission will be presented a construction contract for its approval, as soon as April. Then, at long last, we should see digging in the streets. I am sure there will be a lot of information in the coming months.

Best regards,
Peter Gentile
N-3 Neighborhood Committee



worth noting

Charles Hines is the only sitting commissioner that was involved in the months of discussion concerning our project.  He met with us several times during the process and  has been very supportive of our efforts throughout.  Comm. Alan Maio is one of the “new guys”, but seems genuinely interested in connecting with us in the neighborhood.  He is the Commissioner for District 4 (our district).


Are we on the chopping block?

March 27, 2017

Current status

The December 20 post discussed the last official update of our sewer project: “The design is 100 percent complete with all required permits.  The project is currently advertised for construction bids.  Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2017 with an approximate 9-month construction duration.”  (Additional information can be found in the PCSSRP Monthly Status Report.)

Budget shortfall

Your N3 Committee has been closely following the progress of our neighborhood sewer project.  At the Feb 17 Budget Workshop county staff presented a Capital Improvement Project Prioritization to the Commissioners and the bottom line is there is not enough money for all projects.  So, which ones to cut?  When the PCSSRP was was discussed, Commissioner Maio asked for a report on “literature that has been provided and the expectations of owners.”

Budget Strategy Workshop March 29

This coming Wednesday Mar 29 the County Commission is holding another Budget Workshop.  The meeting starts at 9:00 AM and is open to the public.  Here is  page 85 from the presentation commissioners will see:

What should concerned residents do?

  • You can email commissioners at commissioners@scgov.net and ask them to approve Option 3.
  • Commissioner Maio asked what our expectations are: Let him know we expect to begin this Spring and be completed by December 2017
  • Attend the meeting on Wednesday and speak during either of the two the Open to the Public segments (click here for meeting agenda).
  • If you can’t attend the meeting you can view it by going to  scgov.net “Televised Meetings.”

Presentation for March 29 Budget Workshop

Here’s the full Presentation Package (Phillippi Creek Overview starts on pg. 71).

3-29 Presentation