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Resident’s Letter.22 to County Commission

April 25, 2013

N3 neighbor Walt Menzel recently wrote to the County Commissioners:

Dear Commissioners:

I attended the Commission meeting on February 13, 2013 to observe the discussion regarding sewers for  Area N3. I was very pleased to listen to a thoughtful discussion regarding what is best for Area N3 and also what is best for the County and the remainder of the PCSSRP.

I was also thankful that a significant amount of time was spent discussing pollution. Pollution of our groundwater and waterways is obviously the most important reason for PCSSRP.  There was even discussion related to changing the completion of the project and not completing areas (meaning not providing sewer service) that clearly have little or no impact on our groundwater and waterways.

Area N3 was mentioned in the meeting as a part of the PCSSRP that was in the heart of the project. It seems like it was pushed to the end of the project because it was such a difficult area to deal with, having so many homes directly on Phillippi Creek and related creeks and canals. There is no question that  minimizing pollution for Area N3 should be at the top of the list.

The Alternative Wastewater Systems Study  performed for the City of Cape Coral (Greeley and Hansen -2007) is a very comprehensive study that includes an environmental ranking when comparing sewer alternatives (see chart pg. 49). And it ranks the Low Pressure Grinder Pump at the bottom of the list (the only thing worse is a septic tank, which is not an option for Area N3).

This next-to-worst environmental ranking seems to be common sense. Besides all the moving parts (and being dependent on the homeowner’s electricity ) that are involved for the system to operate, the Low Pressure Grinder Pump system is constantly under pressure. Any leaking joint or crack in the line will push sewage into the ground and eventually into our waterways.

A Vacuum System is just the opposite. Any leaks in a Vacuum System would result in material being drawn into the system instead of being pushed “under pressure” into our environment.

It was very important that the pollution aspect of our sewer system came up during your discussion. Please consider this when deciding on how to complete the rest of the project. Your decision on Area N3 is important to our environment and will help keep our waterways clean and pollutant free.

Walt Menzel 

Menzel & Associates, CPAs, PA