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Commissioners Approve Re-design for N3

June 24, 2014

The Board of County Commissioners has approved the re-design of our Area N-3 sewer system to the recently proposed “hybrid gravity” system. This means that the ball is finally rolling toward sewer service for our neighborhood.

Jaimol Charles, the county’s manager of this project, informs us that in mid-July, the consultants will begin a survey of our neighborhood to locate underground facilities. Once that is done, the consultants will prepare a preliminary (or conceptual) plan for the county and neighborhood to review before proceeding with the final design.

As a reminder, the “hybrid gravity” or “enhanced gravity” system that has been proposed calls for a relatively small number (perhaps 6 to 10) of underground lift stations throughout the neighborhood in the public right of way (i.e., under the streets or in other slivers of county-owned property). This system replaces the former proposed “grinder pump” system that would have placed a pump in each of our yards. Your committee analyzed that proposal and determined that it posed many potential problems to homeowners and the county, and we prevailed upon the commissioners to reject the grinder pumps in favor of a truly central, public sewer system. The county hired Giffels Webster Engineers to take a fresh look at our neighborhood, and the engineers offered the idea of the “hybrid gravity” or “enhanced gravity” system. The N-3 committee has endorsed this proposal as offering the highest level of service and the least detrimental effect on our community of the available options.

Once the preliminary design in complete, you should expect to receive notice of a public meeting at which residents will be able to review the plans.

We will continue to pass on information as we receive it from the county.


Hybrid Sewer Update – June 2014

June 7, 2014

Redesign Ready for Commission Approval


We recently received a progress update from our N3 Project Manager, Ms. Jaimol Charles.  The scope for the design of our neighborhood has been developed with Giffels/Webster Engineers and will be presented to the Commissioners for their approval at the regularly scheduled BCC meeting on Tuesday June 10th.
The meeting will be held at 9 AM at the R. L. Anderson Admin. Center, 4000 S Tamiami Trail, Venice Fla.  It is Agenda Item No. 26… you can view details here. Click on the title of the item in the left hand window to read the supporting material.
Thank you,
N3 Neighborhood Committee