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Hybrid Sewer Update – August 2014

August 1, 2014

The N3 Neighborhood Committee this week contacted the Sarasota County Utilities Department for an update on the hybrid gravity sewer system that is planned for our neighborhood. Project Manager Jaimol Charles promptly responded with this update, for which we thank her:

 Status update from the county’s project manager

“Currently the consultant (GWE) is in the process of identifying potential underground utility conflicts in the area. They are using historical as-built survey information of the existing sewer, stormwater and water to determine the most efficient way to lay out the ‘hybrid gravity’ system. In addition, their field technicians have begun probing and using ground penetrating radar (GPR) in the area between Homasassa Road and Jennings Drive to physically locate existing sewer, water and storm drain. Furthermore, in the upcoming month, the residents can expect to see them working around Webber Street and Tuttle Avenue and the balance of the area collecting data.”


We hope this means that “the train has left the station” and we are on our way to having a modern, central sewer system installed in our neighborhood. We will remain in contact with the Utilities Department and keep the neighborhood informed through this blog and the associated email list.


Peter Gentile

Chairman, N3 Neighborhood Committee