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November 2015 Project Update

November 30, 2015

PCSSRP  Monthly Status Report Through October 31, 2015:

Area N3 consists of nearly 200 sewer connections.

Next Steps:

 Additional design work outside of the N3 project scope, but affecting the restoration work associated with N3 once the sewer project is complete, was identified by the Utility, which will impact the N3 project schedule by several months. Designing this additional pipeline work now and constructing it with the central sewer for N3, ensures that the community is only impacted one time. Coordinating this work together minimizes the number of times the neighborhood is disrupted and ensures the Utility has a properly functioning and maintained wastewater collection system.

 60% percent design plans for a hybrid-gravity central sewer system are due from the consultant at the end of October 2015. Easement needs/locations have been identified and are in progress.

Public Outreach:

 As the additional work referenced above is further defined and scoped, an updated schedule will be provided via this report as well as to the N3 community in its entirety. Staff will also work with leaders of the N3 community to have it posted on their website.

 It is anticipated that property owners within the boundaries of Area N3 will receive an invitation to attend a public meeting/open house in the Winter of 2015, where they will be able to speak with county staff about any site specific concerns. Opportunities to discuss funding options, septic tank decommissioning and other pertinent topics related to the program will be available at this meeting as well.

 The project is anticipated to advertise for construction bids in the Spring of 2016. Construction would be slated to begin in the Fall of 2016, reaching Final Completion approximately nine months later, or Summer of 2017. This is a fairly conservative schedule; construction completion could be achieved as much as six months sooner than the Summer of 2017. However, until revised plans are received and some of the major public outreach meetings have taken place, the county will use the more conservative schedule. As these and other associated activities are completed, the schedule will become better defined and more specific and frequent updates will be provided to the N3 community.

Note: The Winter 2015 public meeting has been pushed out to January 2016. We will post details when they become available.