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Follow-up on Tanglewood Dr traffic calming

October 22, 2016

positive reaction from residents

Several of our neighbors have responded with emails to this site and to the County Commissioners.  The comments have been that we need speed controls not only on Tanglewood Dr, but throughout the neighborhood. This is a good time to raise this issue as constructing speed tables or other controls in conjunction with the proposed road work will certainly reduce cost.  This is a pertinent point, as the neighborhood will be responsible for the cost (more on this below).

comments from Commissioner Robinson

Yesterday’s article encouraged residents to contact commissioners and let them know your interest.  Apparently there have been more than a few emails because Commissioner Christine Robinson asked that I clarify some aspects of this issue:

  • More emails to commissioners won’t make things happen more quickly. Unlike our sewer initiative there is a process in place for this type of project.
  • Speed tables or other traffic calming measures are processed via the Public Improvement District Program. Under this program, at least 67% of property owners within the neighborhood must sign a petition in favor of establishing a district for the construction of traffic calming devices.
  • Property owners are responsible for project costs via annual assessments.
  • Public Works Director Isaac Brownman will be available to provide guidance should we elect to proceed with this project.

next step

It looks like the next step will be for someone to step up and start a petition.  I’m certain that the commissioners enjoy hearing from us, but working thru the process will be more productive than piling on more emails.  If someone will contact Mr.Brownman ( and get the process started I’ll be happy to post your findings here.


Does Tanglewood Dr. need traffic calming?

October 21, 2016

Tanglewood Dr (south of Webber) has always had bicyclists, joggers, dog walkers, pedestrians, and children.  Recently we’ve had more young families either with children or planning to have children move into our neighborhood.  This all speaks well for the future of our community.

Several years ago the speed limit on our street was 20 MPH., but at some point the speed limit was increased to 25 MPH to conform with other residential streets.  Problem is the roadway has such limited sight distance it is virtually impossible to safely drive from Webber St. to Tuttle Ave (or vice versa) at the 25 MPH posted speed limit.  You can see that our street is a direct cut-thru to avoid the Tuttle/Webber intersection.  With no sidewalks or bike lanes we have been lucky not to have had an accident.



Within the next 3-4 months we should see construction begin on our sewer system (yea!).  The construction will necessitate extensive cutting and patching of the existing roadway.  We have been assured that at project completion the entire roadway will be resurfaced, so we’ll have brand new pavement throughout our neighborhood.

So here’s the question: What better time to design in some passive speed controls for Tanglewood Dr.?  There are a lot of techniques available: Speed bumps/humps/tables/cushions.  Do a Google Image search for “Traffic Calming” and see what’s available.


(Here’s a link to a successful installation of speed cushions)

Take a look and see what you think.  If anyone wants to start a campaign to slow the traffic on our street, the time is now.  You can contact county planners and/or email the Sarasota County Commissioners.  If you have ideas you want to share, send them to and I’ll publish them here.

N3 Neighborhood to present at annual Florida Neighborhoods Conference

October 12, 2016

Sarasota County is hosting the 2016 Florida Neighborhoods Conference and our friends Jane Grogg and Miranda Lansdale at the Sarasota County Neighborhood Services  have scheduled a presentation featuring our N3 Neighborhood sewer project.  Our success with county commissioners and staff was such that they want us to share our “win-win” strategy with other communities around the state.  The conference will be held at the Venice community Center and the presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. Friday Oct 14th (click on “conference information” on the conference website).

The N3 presentation is titled “Your Attention, Please!” (Session VI-No. 22) and is scheduled for Saturday Oct 15th at 11:00 a.m.  Our session will be moderated by Newton Conservation Historic District Project director Vickie Oldham.

Take a look at the conference schedule and see what looks interesting. Registration is preferred, but walk-ins will be welcomed based on available seating.