More N3 Neighbors choose xeriscape

The Feb 21st post discussed the many benefits of eliminating or reducing irrigation for turf grass and other “thirsty” yard plantings (scroll down and read the article – there are lots of good information links).  Our water bills will become even more sensitive to irrigation use once our sewer is installed… the sewer component of our bill will be approximately 150% of our water usage.  So, unless you have a separate irrigation meter or a well, water that is used on your lawn will be calculated as though it is treated at the sewer plant!

Here’s what some residents have done…

Take a ride along Tanglewood Dr and see what you think.  Some neighbors have completely replaced all sod grass, while others have replace portions of the lawn.  Another neighbor suggests using GroundCovers instead of grass.  Anything we can do will help the environment… and our wallets!

(These are just homes I’ve found on Tanglewood Dr.  If you know of others in the neighborhood send me photos and I’ll post them here)

What’s the latest on our sewer?

At the March 29 Budget Meeting the County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve $3 million to construct the sewers in our N3 neighborhood.  Staff tells us that the plans are final and all permits are in place.  The next step will be to approve and award the construction contract. The next BCC meeting is April 25th, but the agenda has not been posted. Hopefully our project will be presented at that meeting.


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