N3 Sewers: Project Update 8.15.17

Latest Info from Sarasota County

The Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program (PCSSRP) was developed in 2000 to protect public health and to improve water quality in Phillippi Creek, by replacing individual septic systems and small private package waste water plants in many Sarasota County neighborhoods with central sewer service. Over 15,000 septic tanks will be replaced over the life of the project. Approximately 200 residents will be connecting to central sewer in Area N3.

Area N3 is being designed as a hybrid gravity sewer system with two smaller lift stations within the project area. Homeowners will connect to the central sewer system using a conventional gravity lateral rather than maintaining individual low pressure units on each property, as originally planned.

Award of the construction contract was April 25, 2017 to Spectrum Underground. The construction Notice to Proceed was given on May 23, 2017. Construction has begun and completion of the project is scheduled for March 2018.

Crews will continue pipe installation work on Tanglewood Drive and North Seclusion Drive. Work from there will proceed to the North. The Directional drill operations at North and South Seclusion are complete. The recent hurricane has impacted the work, so progression of work has slowed. More crews are expected to arrive in two to three weeks.

Please do not enter an active zone of construction

The contractor has asked that we reiterate the need for safety for the residents and all of those traveling in the areas under construction. There have been several instances of pedestrians and bicyclists entering the work zone to see the work being done. Please do not enter an active zone of construction.

 John Saputo, Project Manager, 941-650-0022


Contact Information

  • construction questions – John Saputo (941) 650-0022
  • Pluris Southgate customer service – (888) 758-7471
  • utility connections – (941) 861-6767   [option 1]
  • financing connection fees – (941) 861-6767  [ option 3]
  • PCSSRP documents


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