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Wanted: Neighborhood Input for Landscaping

April 18, 2018
There are two main lift stations that will serve our neighborhood sewer system.  Lift Station 1 is on the north side of Tanglewood at Tuttle Ave.  Lift Station 2 is on the east side of Tanglewood north of Bermuda Creek.  Both sites are currently under construction.
John Saputo, our Construction Project Manager, has extended an invitation to interested residents to participate in the landscape planning at these locations.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to influence a project that will be a part of our neighborhood for years to come.

Site Plans


Anyone interested in participating in the landscape design for these sites please contact John Saputo:


N3 Sewers: Project Update 12.7.2017

December 7, 2017
The construction of our sewer system appears to be progressing smoothly. Tanglewood Dr. north of Fair Oaks is essentially complete and Rose St and Bougainvillea are almost finished, as is North Seclusion Dr.  There is some construction to be done on the south side of Webber St that is included in Phase 2. The plans show Homassassa Rd. to be Phase 3 and work there will begin upon completion of Phase 2.

What’s That Pipe in My Yard?

Some residents have asked “what is that green pipe sticking up in my yard?” Well, that is the connection point where the homeowner’s sewer line hooks up to the utility sewer. The finished installation will be cut off at grade level. Here are some photos:

This is what we’re looking at now…


This is a typical clean-out at the connection to the county sewer line.

Anybody Know a Good Plumber?

Although our actual hook-ups are months away, this is probably a good time to start talking to plumbers.  I have contacted several and here (in alphabetical order) are those that have indicated an interest in working in our neighborhood:

One advantage in making early contact with a plumber is to get their advice on the placement of the clean out at your property line.  The contractor (Spectrum Underground) has indicated that they will locate the connection pipe wherever you want it, but once it’s installed it can’t be relocated.  Determining the best location now could save you money down the road!  If you know of other plumbers that are interested, have them contact me and I’ll add their names to the list.

Note: When you speak with the plumbers be sure to tell them OUR SEWERS ARE NOT A VACUUM SYSTEM!

List of Certified Plumbers from DBPR

 A listing of state certified plumbers is available at click on “VERIFY A LICENSE”, then “Search by City or County”>Category “Construction Industry”, Type “Certified Plumbing Contractor”>County “Sarasota”> Search.

For Our Do-It-Yourself Neighbors

In a future article I’ll have some tips and guidelines for those ambitious souls that may want to do their own work.

Contact Information

  • construction questions – John Saputo (941) 650-0022
  • Pluris Southgate customer service – (888) 758-7471
  • utility connections – (941) 861-6767   [option 1]
  • financing connection fees – (941) 861-6767  [ option 3]
  • PCSSRP documents


N3 Sewers: Project Update 8.15.17

September 20, 2017

Latest Info from Sarasota County

The Phillippi Creek Septic System Replacement Program (PCSSRP) was developed in 2000 to protect public health and to improve water quality in Phillippi Creek, by replacing individual septic systems and small private package waste water plants in many Sarasota County neighborhoods with central sewer service. Over 15,000 septic tanks will be replaced over the life of the project. Approximately 200 residents will be connecting to central sewer in Area N3.

Area N3 is being designed as a hybrid gravity sewer system with two smaller lift stations within the project area. Homeowners will connect to the central sewer system using a conventional gravity lateral rather than maintaining individual low pressure units on each property, as originally planned.

Award of the construction contract was April 25, 2017 to Spectrum Underground. The construction Notice to Proceed was given on May 23, 2017. Construction has begun and completion of the project is scheduled for March 2018.

Crews will continue pipe installation work on Tanglewood Drive and North Seclusion Drive. Work from there will proceed to the North. The Directional drill operations at North and South Seclusion are complete. The recent hurricane has impacted the work, so progression of work has slowed. More crews are expected to arrive in two to three weeks.

Please do not enter an active zone of construction

The contractor has asked that we reiterate the need for safety for the residents and all of those traveling in the areas under construction. There have been several instances of pedestrians and bicyclists entering the work zone to see the work being done. Please do not enter an active zone of construction.

 John Saputo, Project Manager, 941-650-0022


Contact Information

  • construction questions – John Saputo (941) 650-0022
  • Pluris Southgate customer service – (888) 758-7471
  • utility connections – (941) 861-6767   [option 1]
  • financing connection fees – (941) 861-6767  [ option 3]
  • PCSSRP documents


N3 Sewers: Project Update 7.21.17

July 21, 2017

Latest Info from Sarasota County

The Contractor [Spectrum Underground] has been awaiting permit approval to use the right of way at the intersection of Webber Street and Lockwood Ridge Road as a small materials and equipment staging area. Once the permit is received, the contractor intends to start mobilization to the site.

They are currently forecasting a full start the first week of August. This will include directional drilling at the Seclusion Drive locations. This work will not impact traffic flow, however, when the manhole and gravity pipe installation begins, there will be flagmen directing traffic around the work and slight delays can be experienced.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Contact Information

Kate O’Hara, Utilities Connections Coordinator, has provided the following:

  • construction questions – John Saputo (941) 650-0022
  • utility connections: (941)861-6767  – option 1
  • financing connection fees: (941) 861-6767 – option 3