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Does Tanglewood Dr. need traffic calming?

October 21, 2016

Tanglewood Dr (south of Webber) has always had bicyclists, joggers, dog walkers, pedestrians, and children.  Recently we’ve had more young families either with children or planning to have children move into our neighborhood.  This all speaks well for the future of our community.

Several years ago the speed limit on our street was 20 MPH., but at some point the speed limit was increased to 25 MPH to conform with other residential streets.  Problem is the roadway has such limited sight distance it is virtually impossible to safely drive from Webber St. to Tuttle Ave (or vice versa) at the 25 MPH posted speed limit.  You can see that our street is a direct cut-thru to avoid the Tuttle/Webber intersection.  With no sidewalks or bike lanes we have been lucky not to have had an accident.



Within the next 3-4 months we should see construction begin on our sewer system (yea!).  The construction will necessitate extensive cutting and patching of the existing roadway.  We have been assured that at project completion the entire roadway will be resurfaced, so we’ll have brand new pavement throughout our neighborhood.

So here’s the question: What better time to design in some passive speed controls for Tanglewood Dr.?  There are a lot of techniques available: Speed bumps/humps/tables/cushions.  Do a Google Image search for “Traffic Calming” and see what’s available.


(Here’s a link to a successful installation of speed cushions)

Take a look and see what you think.  If anyone wants to start a campaign to slow the traffic on our street, the time is now.  You can contact county planners and/or email the Sarasota County Commissioners.  If you have ideas you want to share, send them to and I’ll publish them here.