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Saturday’s Cleanup at Red Bug Preserve

May 30, 2017

On Saturday May 27th John Ryan organized a clean up of  the park at Red Bug Slough.  Here’s his summary:


Beautiful Day at Red Bug Slough Preserve!


The Friends of Red Bug Slough Preserve gathered again last Saturday morning.  It was a perfect spring day – not too warm yet.  It was good to see the water levels back up after the prolonged drought we had just a few weeks ago.


Jack and Ronda


We shared some blueberry muffins before we took off and made our neighborhood nature preserve just a little bit better.  Scott made a special effort to root out air potatoes.  Ronda searched for fishing line in the lake.  And Chris dug up some concrete rubble that was dumped here decades ago.  Michele found a garden hose – makes you wonder doesn’t it?

old garden hose                                                                                                                                                         fishing tackle







It was a fun and easy day with friends.  Thanks to everyone who joined in… see you there next time.






Red Bug Slough Air Potato Roundup

February 28, 2016

Fun Day at Red Bug Slough!

A very fun day last Saturday at the Red Bug Slough Preserve!  Kids, dogs, hamburgers… what else could you ask for?  Darcy Young with Sarasota Bay Estuary Program and Jeff Weber of Sarasota County hosted a morning of cool fresh air and an unlimited supply of air potatoes!  We had a couple of hours of gathering the offending spuds and then the awards: largest potato, smallest potato, most unusual, and total pounds gathered.  There were couples, families, and kids groups from local schools and churches.  The roundup concluded with a cook out courtesy of Sarasota County (thanks for the veggie burgers, Jeff).

Dioscorea bulbifera (say what?)


Lesson learned: Don’t put these things in your yard trash!  There have been times when I have filled an entire  trash can with air potatoes and vines and I always put them out with the yard trash.  Big mistake!  They get mulched and can spread back into the environment.  They should be placed in a black plastic bag and put out with regular garbage.

Future Events

There are more events coming up…  contact Darcy and get on the SBEP email list.

Darcy Young
Sarasota Bay Estuary Program

Now that our sewer is decided…

February 22, 2016

…maybe there are other things we can do to improve the health of the Phillippi Creek Watershed.  Certainly the conversion from septic tanks to central sewer will improve the water quality of the Creek, but can we do more?  Turns out the answer is “YES, WE CAN”.

Sarasota County FYN Program

So, what is the Florida Friendly Yards and Neighborhood Program?  My wife Lynne and I set out to see if we could find out. A couple of weeks ago we visited the UF/IFAS Extension office at 6700 Clark Rd (Twin Lakes Park) and spoke with Wilma Holley, the Florida Friendly Landscaping Program Specialist for Sarasota County.  After a pleasant visit and a tour of the grounds we went home, checklist in hand, and started a survey of our yard.  Things looked pretty good: our roof runoff is directed into rain barrels or landscaping, we use leaf litter or melaleuca for mulch, we have a porous driveway and a compost bin. We didn’t find any “prohibited” plants, so we called Wilma and made an appointment for an on-site audit.

A pleasant experience

Wilma paid us a visit last week and gave our yard a thorough evaluation.  She is a wealth of knowledge and very pleasant to talk to. She gave us some good suggestions and pointed out some invasive plants that we did not know were invasive (“prohibited” plants would be a disqualification; we’ll work on the “invasive” ones).  The end result was a Silver level certification and Florida Friendly yard sign!



Contact the Extension Office

Download the checklist and do a quick survey… it may take very little to get your yard certified.  Remember the “Dump the Pumps” yard signs?  Let’s see how many Florida Friendly signs we can get in the neighborhood (I’ll bet no one will steal them in the middle of the night!)  You can reach Wilma at 941-861-9812 or at

Wilma Holley and Lynne Scarborough

Wilma Holley and Lynne Scarborough

P.S. Air Potato Round Up at Red Bug Slough

The Sarasota Bay Guardians are sponsoring an Air Potato Roundup at Red Bug Slough on Saturday Feb. 27 from 9AM until 12 noon.  You can sign up here.