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November 2016 Update

December 20, 2016

Here is the latest update for CIP #55909 Area N3 sewers:


The PDF of this report can be found on the County website here. Notice that the “Project Description” states that our neighborhood will be served with two lift stations… there are actually four lift stations in the current design.

Additional Information

Go to the PCSSRP Monthly Status Report and scroll down to Area N3. Under “Next Major Milestones” we’re told that construction will likely begin in March 2017.  We know that the construction contract bids are currently being reviewed, so this is probably an accurate forecast.

New Residents

Quite a few new residents have moved into our neighborhood in the last couple of years.  If you have new neighbors near you, encourage them to visit this site and click on the “follow” link to get new information as it is posted (they can also email and I’ll add them to the distribution list).